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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Pearsall's 365 - Kathleen

Boxy or puffed sleeve with the barley twist cable make this a classic 1940s jumper
Date: early 1940s
Measurements: bust up to 34"; length 19"; sleeve seam 5"
Materials: 3-ply or light fingering or maybe 4-ply; 3.75mm US 3 and 2.75 mm US 2 needles; cable needle; 4 buttons
Original used 10 ozs Pearsall's Prunella Sparkle Rayon
Tension: 7 stitches to 1 inch

Friday, 25 March 2016

Family Woollies and a bit of history

Family Woollies
 I love these knitting supplements - this one was produced by Texet for Mother and Home in about 1937. Not only do you get a range of patterns also get a teeny glimpse of what was 'socially' acceptable for that era - history and knitting in one happy bundle. This one has the perfect nuclear family for the 1930s: Mum and Dad and 3 children and reflected the British government's attempts to raise the population.

Although it may not seem like an obvious campaign, images of the ideal family across a range of media presented what was desirable and in 1930s Britain, a larger family was desirable. Having a large population in the early part of the 20th century was seen as a positive thing as people were needed to work in manufacturing and agriculture but also meant that you had a population to buy the goods you made.

During the First World War the UK population had slumped and although there was a significant spike immediately afterwards, the birth rate soon dropped again. By the late 1920s the number of births had dropped to current levels, about 700,000 a year, and infant morality meant that 1 in 10 children didn't survive to their first birthdays so subtle campaigns throughout the 1930s were designed to encourage larger families (but not too large). These feed into all aspects of normal life including knitting patterns.

So there you have it: a little bit of history and a little bit of knitting - click on the cover and download the booklet with 9 family designs

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Good Knitting October 1937

 Knitting supplements have long been used by knitting wool companies to market their latest yarns and designs. Here's a copy of Good Knitting from October 1937 that gives a good range of designs for all the family. This booklet was produced by Lister and given away with Woman's Sphere

There are 11 designs in total:

1) Cardigan Style Jumper  - Button up cardigan with belt and plait pattern. Bust 35"; length 21.5"; sleeve seam 19"
2) Jester Cap and Jacket  - Textured V-neck cardigan with matching hat. Bust 34"; length 18"; sleeve seam 18"
3) Fair Isle Cardigan - 2 colour Fair Isle design on a main colour. Chest 24.5"; length 15.5"; sleeve seam 12.5"
4) Play Suit - Shirt and Shorts. Chest 22"; length 9"; sleeve seam 2.5". Shorts Front seam 7", back seam 8"
5) Trimmed with Bows - Jumper with a deep welt and contrast bows at neck. Bust 35"; length 17.5", sleeve seal 17.5"
6) Panelled with Cable Stitch - Jumper with horizontal rib with vertical cables running up the centre. Bust 34"; length 18.5"; sleeve seam 18"
7) Tailored for Sports - Blouse with fancy ribbing with a plain panel. Bust 35"; length 18.5"; sleeve seam 5.5"
8) For the Man - Sleeveless pullover with arrow head pattern. Chest 38"; length 21.5"
9) Couple of the Cover - Jumper blouse with horizontal stripes and collar. Bust 33"; length 17.5", sleeve seam 4.5
10) Couple of the Cover  - Cardigan with horizontal stripes and moss stitch front panel. Bust 36"; length 18"; sleeve seam 18"
11) Matinee Coat - Simple cardigan with eyelet pattern. Chest 19"; length 9"; sleeve seam 5"