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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Bathing Belles Vintage Swimsuit KAL - The Patterns

Here are the 3 patterns that I am offering for the Swimsuit KAL (click on the image to get the pdf). I tried to find ones that had a slightly larger bust (for vintage swimwear) but there are loads more out in the wilds of the internet or you are more than welcome to use a pattern from your collection.

1947 Swim SuitThe first is a "Regulation Swim Suit" from Good Housekeeping's Family Knitting Book from 1947. It looks like a good solid suit that might actually be able to be used for swimming. I think this one might be able to be sized up another few inches if you were to get a slightly larger gauge (maybe 8 stitches to the inch. The pattern is a twisted slip stitch producing a firm fabric.
The measurements are 35 to 37" bust and 38 to 40" hips
The materials are 3-ply or light fingering; 2.75mm US 2 needles as well as a set of dpns of the same size and a medium crochet hook
The original used 6ozs of Patons Beehive Fingering 3-ply
Tension/gauge: 9 stitches to 1 inch

1948 BikiniThere is also a bikini for those who like a fun bit of colourwork in the panties and I think the bra is wonderful. This beauty comes from Knitting Illustrated (1948) by marvellous Margaret Murray and Jane Koster. The slipped stitches in the shorts gives it a nice, firm fabric but the brassiere is only stocking stitch so if your a bit worried about heft, a simple twisted knit would firm it up a tad.
The measurements are for the shorts 12" length at side edge and round the widest part (unstretched) 32". The Brassiere is to fit a 34 to 36" bust
The materials are 3-ply or light fingering wool, 2.75mm US 2 and 2mm US 0 needles; elastic for the waist; braid for the shoulder straps; and 2 buttons
The original used 3 ozs of 3-ply in light blue and 4 ozs in dark (no brand given)
Tension/gauge: 10 stitches to 1 inch

1930s Swimming Suit
Finally we have, potentially, the most challenging, but also the most fun suit (possibly, maybe). In this one, your own measurements are used to make the perfect swimming suit from The Complete Knitting Book (1934) by Margory Tillotson. There is only the schematic to follow so you'll need to have your measurements and an idea of what tension you knit at to get a well fitting suit. The recommended gauge is 7 stitches and 8 rows (which makes up one block on the schematic) but neglects to say which needles nor which yarn weight to use. I have to say that 7 stitches seems a bit baggy for a cossie but again you could use a firmer stitch pattern to help firm things up a bit.

So there we go. I think that I'll give people a few days to look through the patterns and decide what they fancy doing before posting next. I am drawn to the 1930s schematic as I'll get something that might actually be able to fit me but I also want to do something I might actually finish. I'm really excited about this and hope that we will all be bathing beauties soon.

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