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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

WIP Wednesday - Chic Minnie

I found this wonderful 1950s pattern in a pile of sad looking 1980s patterns stacked in the dark corner of a charity shop and fell in love. I just had to have it so 2 minutes later it was mine after paying the princely sum of 50p.

It is such a clever construction. Worked from side to side, you cast on 253 stitches for the sleeves and work in a broad rib. There is no increases or decreases, you just keep the rib going for the stripes and then split for the back and front. Then the rib continues in the single colour until you get to the stripes for the other side. After that there is the waist and sleeves welts. I'm not sure how I'm going to cram the hundreds of stitches into the cuff but the rib makes it very sprongy so I'm sure I'll manage.

The original wool was 3-ply so I am using Cygnet wool rich 4-ply as I've found it to be a good substitute and it's soft but doesn't pill as much as merino. As I'm stash busting I had to use black instead of white but I think it looks a bit like a chic version of Minnie the Minx's jumper.

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