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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Will it never end?

Of course it will. But only when I have run out of yarn.

This week has been a busy week at work (not the nice side of work which is my patterns and archaeology but the dull office side I have to do to pay bills) so haven't really done that much in term of adding things to the shop: but there are lots of lovelies being sorted and scanned and ready to go in soon. I've also decided to get rid of most of my vintage sewing patterns so they will be making an appearance too.

Knitting wise I still seem entrenched gleefully in vintage. I have finished the back for my Making Meshy cardigan and have nearly finished one of the sides. I was going to knit them both at the same time but forgot (c'est le vie). At first I was a bit worried that I was going to run out of wool but it's loose and meshy and the pattern carries a small amount a long way so looks like I'll be fine.
 It does look a bit short but it is very stretchy and hopefully I can block another few inches into it.

The Sheffield group on Ravelry are having a K/CAL for September: kind of part of a year long set of projects where you have to (if you can) knit from stash attained before December 31st 2013. Our theme for September is Winter Warmers so I have decided to go with another vintage pattern but in a decidedly un-vintage colour.

This is the cuff of  glovey gauntlet type of thing: part of a beautiful Fair Isle Skating Outfit but for the moment I'm just concentrating on the gloves. I might do the hat if I have enough time but you know what it's like - there is never enough time to knit vintage without coming across another amazing pattern.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Making Meshy

It's late August so the weather is being to turn and although there may be a revival of that warm two weeks we had a while back, I think that it's time to start knitting for winter.

I always have problems buying cardigans - I know that I'm a plus size which doesn't help when relying on 'fashion' stores, but everything seems to be those vast flappy long line things or tiny, short things. I just want a hip length cardi that I can wear over a plain things that will tied be over that intermittent cool period between summer and winter called autumn.

The answer is clear - make one. Find a pattern from the collection and get cracking. So I did. And I found loads that I liked but . . . I have also tried not to buy any more yarn until October when it's Bakewell Wool Gathering . It's been nearly 10 months since I placed myself on the yarn diet and it's gone really well but a quick hunt through my stash brought to light some grey double knit that a friend gave me last year.

There is just over 300 grams and coupled with a open mesh knit cardigan I think I have found the right mix. It certainly rocks along but that would be the 6mm needles I suppose. A this rate I should have it finished by the end of next week.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Make Do and Mend Vintage Sock Pattern - Bestway 741

I was sorting through yet more patterns and came across this great pattern on how to re-foot socks. I'm not sure how old it is: the style looks like its from the late 1930s. We’re probably most used to the idea of Make Do and Mend from WWII and this pattern perfectly sums up that spirit. The technique can be used for any hand knit sock so now you don’t have the throw away those socks that have gone too far to darn.

Just clink on the image and get the pattern for yourself and see for yourself just how easy it is to repair a sock with manky toes or heels. 

There’s also a pattern for a complete pair of men’s socks (which let’s face it, anyone can wear) on the back. And a handy photo tutorial to help you along the way.

I've made the socks and they are great, although I did half the amount of leg ribbing as I only had 100g of wool but they fit brilliantly.