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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dorette Designs - a rare kind of knitting

Dorette emerged after WW2 in early 1946 and were a subscription based magazine to start with, so tend to be relatively scarce. They were produced 6 times a year and were only in production for a couple of years seem to have stopped publication in January 1950 as the last number I have seen in the series is 25.

These images come from Number 3 and was printed in 1946 as Miss Australia as a model and mentions her recent trip to Britain. She was in the UK in August 1946 so I think Number 3 dates from September/October 1946.

The books were meant to be the best in beautiful knitwear designs but they also tried hard with the book itself. The paper is not the usual flimsy post-war type but is smooth and very cleanly printed. There were never fewer than 44 pages to them and featured a range of garments, all specially designed for Dorette.

Update: A lovely Raveler has one numbered 27 so these lovely booklets went on until at least May 1950

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Peter the Penguin

It's the May Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and it's freezing so to celebrate / commiserate, I thought that I'd offer this great pattern for a penguin to remind us that there are places that have it worse.

The pattern was published by Weldons in the mid 1940s but I've seen Pete in later booklets too so he was obviously popular.

Originally he was made from 2 strands of 3-ply held together but the pattern also says that he can be made from the 'NEW' thick wool or as we know it double knit.

Click on the link below if you want to download a free copy of Peter the (slightly sad looking) Penguin

Peter the Penguin Weldons 293