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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Surprise Sunday - 1940s Fair Isle Gloves

Since this was the scene that greeted me this morning, I thought that we could all do with a quick and pretty pattern  to help keep the cold away so I came up with gloves and mittens (all fitting an average hand, whatever that is). They are all made with quite a tight tension to keep your hands nice and warm. 

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_tfKoGu9l5BUHZzMjBMYWZ6WlU/view?usp=sharingEach pair use only an ounce (about 28g) of the main colour with the pattern being made up from oddments. Model A uses white, clover, lilac, rose, green, and peach as the contrasts. You can use what ever colours you have about as I think that it's probably only a few metres of each that you'll need for both gloves. Although the originals use 3-ply one of the thinner 4-ply wools would work equally well as long as you get the tension of 10.5 stitches to 1" using 2.75mm US 2 needles. Model B are the mittens and have this lovely toning patterns across the back of the hands in a light, medium and dark shade. The tension of these are a little bit tighter: 11 stitches to the inch using 2.75mm US 2 needles. Model C has brown, green, red, white, lemon and yellow and are worked as a tension of 10.5 stitches to 1 inch using 3mm US 2 needles.
To down load the pattern just click on the pattern and it should take you to the pdf.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

New In

I had a bit of a 30s splurge this week (it's probably my favourite era style wise). First was a great diagonal striped jumper with a stylish jabot (or decorative ruffle) from Munrospun from the mid 1930s. Munrospun was one of those companies that always produced high end patterns and was seen as being slightly more chic than many of the standard pattern companies. The pattern is for a 36" bust and uses a 4-ply so I think it could easily be resized by using larger needles and thicker wool. Then there is this wonderful lace blouse with a bust measurement of between 33" to 36" depending on how tight you like your clothes. The original was made from an artificial silk or rayon so if you want to match the drape, make sure that you choose something that slips.

This set of 5 jumpers, all different sizes that come from the Good Housekeeping Second Knitting Supplement. I found this tucked into a modern book and was so surprised to find it. The patterns are wonderful and probably date from the early 30s judging by the hair styles. My favourite is the diagonal striped jumper: I love the way they carry on through to the back and the way that one of the stripes coils down the arm. Each jumper has only one size but they are different, so a crafty use of different needles and yarn weights could get you a larger or smaller version. However, no tension is given so you really will just have to see how they feel.

On to the 1940s and there is this stunning cable and bobble twin set in a great petite size. To make this larger, just increase the number of repeats, but remember that you might also need to alter the arm scyth too so you could use a pattern in your size to work out that one.

For those of you that like a bit of lace, there is this gorgeous lace jumper pattern, also in a more petite size. This is a Bairnswear pattern, La Laine is the wool needed. Bairnwear did this frequently but probably the most recognised if 'Femina' which was another one of their wool lines.

My final 1940s pattern is this wonderful puff sleeve blouse or evening jacket with an all over shirred design. This one was designed by Munrospun and is, I think, extremely beautiful. I can just imagine it in a midnight blue yarn with a bit of glimmer to it and crystal buttons. The shirring is easy to achieve: it's just a matter of increasing and decreasing at the appropriate points to get the ripple effect.

To finish there is this fun 1950s 'sweater girl' jumper pattern with a nice open mesh lace. This is achieved by using a large (10mm) needle every few rows. This pattern has 2 sizes 34" and 36" but I think that it might be tricky to make it larger by just using larger needles or yarn so you might have to work out the maths if you want to resize it. 

Monday, 11 January 2016

R.I.P. David Bowie

The man was a god among men. I think he was one of the most creative individuals I have every come across. He challenged so many things and showed others how to explore the world around them on their own terms. He showed that style and substance could go together.

Also, as Ziggy, he could rock a knitted body suit like no other person.

He will be sorely missed

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Surprise Sunday - 1950s Batwing Bolero - Bestway A2749

We all love a surprise so every Sunday I will be posting a free vintage pattern and today it is this great Batwing Bolero from Bestway.

The pattern is for a 34" to 36" bust and has a simple basket stitch pattern and is worked in a 3-ply or light fingering. It also has a shirt collar and fastens at the neck with a single button although to could leave this off if you want. There are instructions for either long or 3/4 length sleeves.

As it's worked on small needles, if you wanted this to be larger, you could go up a needle size without compromising the hand of the garment, or even use a 4-ply with a larger size needle to get a few extra inches.

Measurements: 34" to 36" bust; length from shoulder 15.5"; three-quarter sleeve seam 11.5"; long sleeve seam 18"

Tension: Over the pattern 17 stitches and 22 rows to 2 inches using 3mm US 2.5 needles

Materials: 8ozs Emu Zephyr 3-ply Botany Wool; 3mm US 2.5, 2.75mm US 2, and 2mm US 0 needles; 1 button

Thursday, 7 January 2016

New lovelies

As part of my new year's resolutions I am going to add one pattern to the shop every day. Granted, it's only been a week but it's going really well. I decided to go for a mix of different style and eras so there's something for everyone (as long as you like ladies' patterns).

There are these fabulous 1930s designs. The Patons jumper is for a 34" bust but should be easy to resize as you can just add another pattern repeat to make it larger. Alternative, you could use a slightly heavier yarn and slightly needles to take it up a few more inches.

The Woman's Weekly stretches to 40" bust (despite the sylphlike model)  and has a great lace pattern. I made one of these beauties last year and it's fabulous. I went up to a 4-ply yarn and used 4mm needles instead of using 3.75mm to get a larger size. My measurements when the photo was taken was a 49" full bust and 42" waist so you see it adapts very nicely to a larger size.

I also included some great and easy to make jumpers from the 1940s, just check out those victory rolls. The Bestway pattern was reprinted with slightly changes until the mid 1950s (I'll do a post later about that) and has a lovely lace pattern. 

The striped pullover from Copley's has a slipped stitch which gives it a slight lace look. I love that the Copley's changed their logo during the war. Pre-war it was a bellboy but during the war, they gave him a tin hat.

A mainstay of British patterns until the 1970s is the bed-jacket. Most homes until the 1980s, and even the 1990s, didn't have central heating so you had to find something to keep you warm whilst reading in bed or before dressing in the morning.

These 2 patterns are light and lacy and look amazingly glamorous. Every woman needs a bed-jacket and you can always use them as a light cardigan for those chilly summer evenings.

The final pattern for the week is this cardigan and jumper set from Twilleys. Both have fabulous deep v-neck and I love the contrast round the neck and welts. I think these made from a soft 4-ply cotton would be wonderful for summer.

All the patterns have already been entered on to the Ravelry database.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Day 12 New Knitting 11 Designs for the Family - 12 Days of Christmas Pattern Giveaway

For the final day of my 12 Days of Christmas Vintage Pattern Giveaway I have this wonderful booklet of 11 patterns for all the family. New Knitting booklets were published from the late 1940s until the late 1950s (this one dates from the early 1950s) and offered a range of styles all graded from Simple to Advanced. I love some of the poses - they are are wonderfully awkward

There are 11 designs in the book - check out the pictures below. 1) Bright and Breezy - Simple sleeveless jumper with a Fair Isle yoke (which is both written and charted) bust 34" and 36"; length 20"
2) Neatness is all - a cap sleeve jumper with a striped collar bust 32" and 34"; length 19"
3) A Pretty Pair - close fitting twin set with a cable detail along the raglan bust 32" to 34"; length 21" for cardigan, 20" for jumper; sleeve seam for cardigan 17"
4) A Young Man's Fancy - a close fitting tank top with central cable running up the body and dividing around the v-neck chest 38" to 40"; length 23"
5) Winter Warmth - twin set with short sleeve jumper and circle detail bust 34" to 35" and 36" to 37"; length 21" for cardigan and 19" for jumper; sleeve seam 18" for cardigan and 4" for jumper
6) Intricate Pattern - long sleeve jumper with simple collar and faux cable pattern bust 34"; length 18"; sleeve seam 21"
7) A New Neckline - A plain body with ribbed sleeves and yoke and a tie at the neck bust 34" and 36"; length 19", sleeve seam 17"
8) Cosy Comfort - a hood and mitts for a 2 to 3 year old
9) For Schoolboys out of School - a Fair Isle sleeveless pullover (written and charted) chest 32"; length 19"
10) Gay for Gallivanting - a striped jumper with a deep v-neck 34" to 36" bust length 19"
11) Just like Mummy's - a vertically striped jumper for 4 to 6 years

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns




Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Day 11 Cardigans for the Larger Figure Patons 676 - 12 Days of Christmas Pattern Giveaway

 I want to make one of each of these great plus size cardigans. There are 4 designs: all very different and suitable for any occasion. I think that my favourite is the striped one in the lower left corner but I quite like the lace one in the lower right too. Oh decisions, decisions.

This copy of the pattern was printed in 1954 but I think that they are probably reissues of an earlier pattern as they have a late 40s vibe to them.

For once this is a 'proper' plus size pattern with the bust sizes from 40" up to 46" on some of the patterns.

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns

Monday, 4 January 2016

Day 10 Ladies Sports Blouse Copleys 1607 - 12 Days of Christmas Pattern Giveaway

This is a great tailored classic from the mid 1940s (the Copleys logo wears an air raid warden's hat) with a plain back and ribbed front and can be made with either long or short sleeves. It comes in 2 sizes 34" and 36" bust which stretches to a 37". 

Again if you need it to be slightly larger, you can always use a slightly thicker wool as the original used 3-ply or light fingering with a tension of 7.5 stitches to 1" using 3.25mm US 3 needles.

I love this and think that this is going to go on my list of Things I Need to Make.

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Day 9 Fair Isle Jerkin and Gloves - 12 Days of Christmas Pattern Giveaway

I love this fabulous Fair Isle tank top with it's matching gloves from the mid 1940s. Originally it was worked in 4 colours: beige, rust, green and blue but you could choose any that you fancied.

I really like Fair Isle but I never do any. Perhaps I should just jump in as I do with most things and give it a go. Not sure about doing an entire garment but a hat shouldn't be too tricky to start with.

The design is charted so it would be easy to regrade the pattern if you needed a size larger than the 35" bust in the original. 

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Day 8 Lady's Jumper - 12 Days of Christmas Pattern Download

This is a fabulous sweater girl design with beautiful lace panels and puffed sleeves which can be made either long or short (elbow length)

The jumper fastens at the back with buttons to stop the neck from stretching out and dates from the early 1940s

Measurements: Bust 34"; length 18.5"; sleeve seam 6.5" or 18.5"

Materials: 3-ply or light fingering; 2.75mm US 2 and 3.25mm US 3 needles; 4 buttons
Original used 6 or 8 ozs of Marriner 3-ply Heritage Shrinkless Knitting Wool

Tension: 7.5 stitches and 9.5 rows to 1 inch using 3.25mm US 3 needles

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns

Friday, 1 January 2016

Day 7 Ladies Fan Jumper - 12 Days of Christmas Pattern Download

I love this pattern, the feather fan design is stylish and elegant and wonderful. It dates from the very early 50s but is a reissue of an early 1940s patterns with a few tweaks. Basically they made it slightly longer, changed the wool and made the sleeves slightly longer too. 

Again this is a fairly petite jumper, 32" to 34" bust, so if you want to make it larger adding an entire pattern repeat might be the best was to go if you need to take it up a few more inches. If it's just a little more room then you could try with changing the wool weight to give you fewer stitches to the inch.

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns