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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Spring is Springing . . .

. . . and what better way to celebrate than with this great Spring Jumper from Good Needlework and Knitting 1938? 
Worked in a fancy rib with lovely long, close fitting sleeves and a  wee bow at the neck this is a classic 1930s design and will fit up to a 35" bust.
I love how a colour scheme is given for your whole outfit. Soft Tulip Green is suggested with a matching green angora woollen skirt; brown shoes; suntan stockings; and brown, green and yellow bangles. I like to think that those bangles are the big, chunky Bakelite ones that stack half way up your arm.

The second colour scheme is no less vibrant being Poker Red but toned down with a grey flannel skirt and jacket, grey suede shoes and belt and natural stockings.

Unusually the sleeves are worked from the top down so this could easily be made with shorter sleeves if you choose.

To download the pattern, just click on the image above

Friday, 8 April 2016

Socks for Spring - Bairnswear 182

 Short socks for me always make me think of summer so here's the chance for you to grab a copy of this great 1930s pattern and knit yourself a pair or two.

The booklet has socks for rambling, for tennis, for skating, for golf, and for badminton . . . so for every summer activity a modern woman should be engaged in. And being short, you can whip them up in no time.

One of the patterns (for golf socks) uses something called E-Lace-Tic which seems to be a wide elastic with holes punched along the top and bottom. I made these but couldn't find a modern equivalent so did a couple of tight 1x1 ribbing and then picked up the cuff stitches after finishing the rest of the sock.

Click on the pattern to download your free copy of the patterns