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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Day 6 Ladies Sports Jumper Golden Eagle 636 - 12 Days of Christmas Pattern Giveaway

This lovely jumper shows of the early 1940s sportswear perfectly. It was designed to be casual enough for tennis but dressy enough to not look shabby. And I love the striped collar. There is also a long sleeve version if your tastes go that way. 

I really like the way that the stripes on the sleeves follow round the body and it's something to bear in mind if you are going to add some length in upper part of the body.

Made of a 34" to 36" bust (this is the bra band size, not the full bust) it's a good modern size. Originally it was made from 3-ply but looking at the tension, I think you could probably use a 4-ply or fingering as a decent substitute, especially something like Regia 4-ply. 

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Day 5 Underwear Set Patons 131 - 12 Days of Christmas Pattern Giveaway

Even though winter is upon us (well in the northern hemisphere) it's never too late to start knitting your underthings to keep you snug on a chilly day: I love vests but that's probably because I'm a bit 'nesh' as my northern friends say.  

This is a great set from the early 1940s, but I think the design is from the late 1930s as her hair is not quite 'wartime' hair and since Patons reissued some of their comfy patterns in the early years of WWII it can be tricky to tell when they were originally published. 

The long-line vest has a pretty diamond design round the neck which is repeated round the legs of the knickers. The bust for the vest is 34" but this could be made larger by simply adding a pattern repeat.

Vest - bust 34"; length from top at centre back 25.5"
Knickers - length of front seam to lower edge of gusset 15"; leg seam 4"

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns 

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Day 4 Style for the Fuller Figure - 12 Days of Christmas Pattern Download

One for the more voluptuous among us today. This classic late 1940s short sleeve jumper has a wonderful lace pattern and is perfect and what is more? It's simple to knit. The back and front are the same so you could even convert this into the round if you wanted up to the armholes and then just work to and fro ans needed.

The bust is 40" but it would be easy to make slightly larger by just going up a needle size or even changing the yarn from a 3-ply to a 4-ply or fingering weight. If you wanted to make it several sizes larger, then you could add a pattern repeat for some extra inches.

I love the model here: she crops up on several other Bestway plus size patterns, always with the same hairstyle and usually the same pearls.

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Day 3 Feather Pattern Jumper Jaeger 3142 - 12 Days of Christmas Pattern Download

This great early 1950s sweater girl design is made on odd needles - it's basically 3 rows on a small 3.25mm US 3 needles and then one on a 'giant' 15mm US 19 needle with a couple of yarn overs thrown in to make the lace pattern. Although it's a 50s pattern there are a lot of styling from the 1940s with the longer sleeves and that sweet collar.

The original yarn, Jaeger Feather Fleck, is one of those light and fluffy lacey types so you might have to swatch with a few different types of wool. Also, since there is no tension given, you might have to work a bit on what kind of yarn substitution you use. I wonder if something like Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace or something similar would work.

Bust 32" to 34"; length 18"; sleeve seam 6.5"

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Day 2 - Fair Isle Mittens Bestway 1459 - 12 Days of Christmas Patterns Download

These mittens are a delight. Two patterns, too, in one leaflet and both beautiful. They are Fair Isle with the pattern written out in full and no chart so you might want to mark the lines as you knit them to stop from getting lost. They're worked on 2 needles so great if you are not a fan of dpns.

Original colours for the abstract design were yellow as the main colour with red, brown and green for the design

For the floral design it was blue as the main colour with green, maroon and yellow for the design

Date: estimated mid 1940s

Measurements: length 9"; width across hand above thumb 3.75"

Materials: 3-ply or light fingering; 2.25mm US 1 and 3mm US 2.5 needles. The original used Emu Unshrinkable 3-ply Botany Wool

Tension: 17 stitches and 20 rows to 2 inches using 3mm US 2.5 needles over stocking stitch

Language note: Some words commonly used in the 1940s may be offensive, yep it's one of those patterns that uses the N-word

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Day 1 Ladies Jumper Templeton 906 - 12 Days of Christmas Pattern Download

To celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas (yes, it's counted from Boxing Day until the night of the 5th of January and yes, I am slightly pedantic) I am offering a pattern free for 24 hours from the shop every day - but you have to download it from here (see the link below)

Day One is this slim and elegant jumper from the early 1950s with a great diamond motif made using 4-ply or fingering yarn.

Unfortunately it's only in one size but if you go up one size in the needles, you'd get an extra inch or so and if you need it a bit larger you can either do the maths and work it out or you could try with a thicker wool. I did a post about grading a pattern that might be useful.

Measurements: bust 33"; length from shoulder 19”; sleeve seam 19”

Materials: 4-ply or fingering; 3.25mm US 3 and 2.25mm US 1 needles; press studs. The original used 9 ozs of Templeton's Opalsheen Knitting Wool (wool and rayon) but as this has been discontinued you'll need to substitute,

The pattern was free but can now be downloaded from Pretty Old Patterns

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Holidays - planning and scheming

I always find this time of year to be a bit of an oddity. Things are winding down but at the same time we are beginning to make plans for the new year. I don't tend to celebrate Christmas apart from eating far too much and watching a great deal more telly than I usually do so I too have been making plans.

This year my lovely man decided to start showing his artwork at comic cons so we spent the latter half of the year spending the weekends surrounded by geeks and fans and cosplayers. It was a lot of fun but tiring and I didn't manage to keep up with the shop at all. My plan for 2016 is to concentrate on the shop much more and to make this happen I will have to get the house tidy and sorted and find space to create a mini office.

It shouldn't be too hard but when you have a bedroom floor that is covered with junk apart from a small space by the bed, it can be hard to see how this is going to happen. So first things first and I need to sort out the bedroom which means I will be having a festive ebay session and try to sell all the clothes that are too small (which is most of them), all the shoes that I don't wear (except for my Westwoods) and all those other random bits and bobs that I have accumulated.

Then it will be operation Vintage Knitting Pattern and I will be sorting and scanning and selling all the lovelies that have been gathering dust over the past few decades.

Have a great holiday - rest, be kind to others and yourself and come back in the new year with vigour and fingers ready for knitting (or crocheting)